Persuasive Speech Example on the Consequences of Child Labor 2021

A persuasive speech is where you strongly give your opinion on a topic. It usually consists of language that states why you believe something is so, and that we must do this to make sure this happens. Try not to alienate your audience with the topic you choose. You need to persuade your audience they need to do this and make sure it is not informative, meaning you’re not informing them about a subject. To write my essay perefectly on this topic you will require assistance.

You can check several persuasive speech examples online on essay writing websites for help. Nonetheless, in this article, I will provide you a blueprint of a persuasive speech on the consequences of child labor.

It was only yesterday when I went to a park to get some fresh air. I know talking about fresh air in a city like ours is no less than a daydream. Down the road, I saw a mother with her toddler and the mother was caressing her child. She made her child swing on the tiny hobbyhorse. And as the child enjoyed his mechanical ride, the mother encouraged him via hand gestures. What actually grabbed my observance was the babysitter of that child. A skinny, malnourished, frail kid of probable age between eight to ten years stood there, watching another kid of his age bracket enjoying the best phase of his life. The babysitter had big, bright eyes and I could sense the joy in those eyes.

The boy was thoroughly amused just at the sight of his little master’s amazing ride. He didn’t demand anything, neither did he expect anything from his mistress. It was only he who knew how much he wanted to be on that ride. I am sure his heart elated each time when the hobbyhorse whirled around. The write my paper services can provide more essays on comples topics like this.

The child I saw down the road, was being exploited; he, surely, was subjected to child labor; he was being denied of his childhood, his basic rights which most of the privileged children enjoy.

Child labor, by all means, is the filth that has to be wiped away from the face of humanity. Many dangers are associated with child labor. In the Philippines, children cheat death in order to dive for gold. In the United States, child workers are often exposed to pesticides on farms. The list goes on and on and many of these hazards create risks that these children will be in an accident or develop a health issue later in life. More so, children subjected to child labor are deprived of stimulation when it is essential to mental to their cognitive development. This indicates not only psychological damage but also behavioral damage to a child, and such children have to deal with this emotional trauma throughout their lives.

A kid subjected to child labor loses his/her education, health, sweet childhood memories, career. Child labor is a stigma for a society. Society loses beauty(smile) and fragrance (happiness to see them play) of flowers (child). Society loses the value of humanity. A country loses its most valuable asset and creative human resources. So, it is going far away in the race of competition scenario.

In the end, as to the child, I quoted I introduced you at the beginning of my speech, It occurred to me as if the child was the most sublime soul in this entire world. He was unaffected and oblivious to all negativities; the child found his contentment in someone else’s happiness. Truly, he was more mature than most of us.

The question that had started poking my mental peace finally rose. Who was responsible for his distasteful condition? Was it his parents who back in some village themselves craved for a frugal meal? Was it his mistress who employed him as the caretaker of her child but at least provided him with food and shelter? Was it the society that doesn’t care about the laws regarding child labor unless their own child is the victim? I leave the question to you. Additionally, if you want to read through some other examples, you can contact paper writing service to provide you the examples of persuasive speeches written by their professional writers.

I suggest you read through the above example and learn how you can win over your audience.

Most of you, after reading this article, would think that I didn’t give any statistics. Yes! I didn’t provide my audience with any statistics, for it wasn’t an informative speech but persuasive. My job was to persuade the audience with my rhetoric.